Let's Celebrate Dixie!!

This webring is new and
'exciting'. It is strictly for
women or men of the southland.
You do NOT have to belong to
any other webring to join
this one.

Your Ringmaster is Aquarius.

Site qualifications to join this webring are very simple.

1. You must be southern, born
    and raised and/or live in the
    south now.

2. No porn, hate or racial sites
    will be accepted.

3. The site you submit must have
    a Holiday theme and be available
    for viewing ALL YEAR ROUND.

4. A sufficient knowledge of HTML
    is required.

5. No sites 'under construction'
    will be considered. We realize
    that sites are always 'under
    construction' and expect to use
    this guideline with your best
    interpretation and within reason.

6. Absolutely NO commercial sites
    will be permitted to join.
    A commercial site will be
    removed without notice.

7. It is our objective to portray
    the south at it's best, we do not
    encourage sites that make fun of
    the south in any way.

8. We reserve the right to deny
    membership to anyone, at anytime
    at the sole descretion of the

We would love to have all southerners
with holiday pages consider
joining. Hopefully this will enhance your
internet experience and further educate the
world on the South and our gracious way of living.

If you have a site that meets the above criteria..


Join Here


You will receive your customized 
'Holidays in Dixie' fragment at the email 
you provided upon joining.  Please check your 
email for this fragment.  Copy and paste 
the provided HTML fragment in your 
homepage editor.

You will have 7 days to add this fragment to your 
page.  After 7 days your site will be removed 
from the queue...no questions asked.

When you have added the requested HTML,
please notify the ringmistress that you
are ready for her to review your site.

Holidays in Dixie Ringmaster

This RingSurf
"Holidays in Dixie"
site owned by
Holidays in Dixie.
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